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INSPIRE - Silicone Dilator 5 Piece Set

INSPIRE - Silicone Dilator 5 Piece Set

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The INSPIRE Silicone Dilator 5 Piece Set is a versatile and effective tool designed to help women going through menopause overcome issues related to vaginal discomfort and pain. 

The INSPIRE Dilator Set is specifically designed to help women with vaginal tightness, dryness, and discomfort. The set includes five different sizes of dilators, each with a tapered shape that gradually increases in size. By using the dilators over time, women can gently stretch and train their vaginal muscles, helping to reduce pain and improve comfort during sexual activity.

Whether you're looking to improve your sexual health or simply reduce discomfort, the INSPIRE Dilator Set is an excellent choice for women going through menopause. Its premium-quality materials and gentle design make it safe and effective, while its discreet and travel-friendly packaging allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

Overall, the INSPIRE Silicone Dilator 5 Piece Set is a must-have for women in menopause looking to improve their sexual health and reduce vaginal discomfort. 

Additional Information

The Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit can be used as a vaginal trainer, or for treating vaginismus. By using a vaginal dilator set at home, you can train your vaginal muscles to relax and become used to penetration. The dilators are also suitable for recovery after surgery.


Water Resistance: Splish splash, you can even take this beautiful device in the bath. It's completely safely submersible
Materials: Silicone
Simple to use, this product is perfect for beginners

Care Instructions

Clean after every use with a quality toy cleaner

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