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FUN FACTORY - Stronic Petite

FUN FACTORY - Stronic Petite

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The Fun Factory Stronic Petite is a high-quality pulsating toy designed specifically for menopausal women who want to explore new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Made from premium silicone, this pulsator is smooth, durable, and easy to clean, making it an ideal option for those with sensitive skin.

Featuring a unique and ergonomic design, the Stronic Petite is perfect for stimulating your G-spot and enhancing your sexual experiences during menopause. Its pulsating movements provide deep and powerful stimulation, helping to increase blood flow and sensitivity in your intimate areas, leading to stronger and more intense orgasms.

In addition to its sexual benefits, the Stronic Petite can also improve your vaginal health during menopause. Its gentle pulsations help to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improving your vaginal tightness and reducing the risk of urinary incontinence.

The Stronic Petite is also discreet and easy to use, making it perfect for women who want to explore new levels of pleasure and intimacy without drawing attention to themselves. Its compact size and ergonomic design ensure that it's comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time.

Whether used for solo play or with a partner, the Fun Factory Stronic Petite is the perfect way to explore new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction during menopause. With its premium quality and unique design, this luxurious pulsator is sure to help you experience new levels of fulfillment and enjoyment during this exciting time of life.

Additional Information


Hit your hotspots
Gently stimulate the outside of the clitoris, feel the pulsation at the opening of the vulva as you glide the tip along your labia. Your STRONIC PETITE is water-resistant, by the way — say hello to steamier baths and showers!

Come twice as hard
Combine the hands-free thrusting of STRONIC PETITE with stimulation of the outer clitoris, either with your hands or using a toy, and you'll enjoy deeper, more intense orgasms.

Look, no hands!
Enjoy rhythmic thrusting without using your hands — in practically any position you can think of. Our smallest and lightest pulsator thrusts back and forth all by itself. You choose from 5 speeds and 3 rhythms.

What's inside?
Of course, every package comes with STRONIC PETITE and its charging cable (without USB plug). On top of that, you'll find a booklet which explains the idea & technology behind our brand new mini pulsator and inspires a wide variety of play ideas. The booklet further contains technical information as well as legalese. When you open up the packaging sleeve, you'll discover an exciting 'Fact or Myth' game that tests your knowledge about the clitoris.

The contoured surface was specifically designed to activate the thousands of nerve cells hidden in the deep layers of the vaginal canal. It's also great for massaging the external part of the clitoris. What's great for those new to the STRONIC line: The gently tapered tip makes it super-easy to insert.

Are you into candlelight, floral fragrances, romantic settings? Then you'll love our small thrusting vibrator in Pastel Lilac. Think creamy lavender soft serve... Or maybe it's action and new experiences you're craving. Then check out STRONIC PETITE in Deep Sea Blue, one of our best-selling colors — and get ready to explore a completely new feeling from every angle.

Truth is, only 18% of people with clitoris can climax from vaginal stimulation alone. Most require additional (external) stimulation of the clit to climax. But what is also true: the visible part of your clit is only 10% of its full size. In fact, the clitoris runs down both sides of the labia and deep inside the body. And that's where STRONIC PETITE comes in. This awesome little thrusting toy can also stimulate the inner legs of the clitoris — each time it thrusts. The wavy contours on its surface are perfect for reaching the thousands of additional nerve endings deep inside the vagina.

So, if you love external clitoral stimulation, imagine how much more amazing, consuming, and intense the feeling will be when you stimulate your entire clitoris — all the way from top to bottom, with rhythmic thrusting, at the same time. With your hands free to do whatever you like...
Stimulation of the external clitoris

Lube it up and use STRONIC PETITE externally for rhythmic clit stroking. Stimulate the outer parts of the clit, caress the labia, or massage the vaginal opening with t


Care Instructions

Clean after every use with a quality toy cleaner

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