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Fun Factory

FUN FACTORY - Bouncer Shake

FUN FACTORY - Bouncer Shake

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The Fun Factory Bouncer Shake is a high-quality and innovative sex toy. This luxurious and versatile toy features a unique design that combines pulsation and vibration with a weighted internal core that creates a tantalizing shaking sensation.

Made from premium silicone, the Bouncer Shake is smooth, durable, and easy to clean. Its ergonomic design is perfectly shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and is easy to use, with intuitive controls that allow you to customize the pulsation and vibration settings to your preferences.

The weighted internal core of the Bouncer Shake provides a unique shaking sensation that can help stimulate the G-spot and enhance overall pleasure, making it an ideal option for women experiencing changes in their vaginal health or sensitivity. The toy also offers powerful vibrations that can be adjusted to your liking, providing clitoral stimulation and additional pleasure.

Whether used solo or with a partner, the Fun Factory Bouncer Shake is the perfect way to enhance your sexual pleasure and experience. With its innovative design and versatile range of stimulation options, this luxurious sex toy is sure to help you explore new levels of satisfaction and fulfillment. Treat yourself to the ultimate in sensual pleasure with the exquisite Bouncer Shake from Fun Factory.

Additional Information

BOUNCER – it's what's inside that counts!
The impressive BOUNCER has all the best characteristics of a DILDO – a proud 18 cm length with a gentle curve perfect for reaching the G-spot or prostate. Equipped with a considerable variable diameter of up to 4 cm for a thrilling feel of being "filled", creating a steady gentle pressure during moments of climactic pleasure. Featuring a low profile toy base it is ideal to use with a harness and adheres to all smooth surfaces - and is also safe for anal use. BOUNCER also conceals a feature that makes it more than meets the eye.

In its three bulges the BOUNCER hides a thrilling secret. Three weighted balls are tucked inside the silky silicone release vibrations with every movement. During penetration arousing feedback occurs with every thrust, releasing waves of ecstasy in the user, even the smallest movement or touch causes the balls inside to react. The three passion-packing balls inside of this ShakeDILDO rotate making no noise at all. Plus, the grade of stimulation from the BOUNCER comfortably adapts to the intensity of the lovemaking – the wilder the game, the stronger the feedback from the balls. With no motor it pleasures everyone, individually matching their pace and stamina of passion. As soon as BOUNCER enters the bedroom it's ready to go and will give your love life new energy.


Length of 18.2 cm
Diameter of 4 cm

Care Instructions

Always clean this product after every use

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